Delectable! Holidays at the Marmolada’s first pastry hotel

Allow us to introduce… her Royal Majesty, the Marmolada!

Majestic in its 3,343 metres of height, the Marmolada lies in wait, seductively beckoning in her pale splendour.

The Queen of the Dolomites towers over the town of Rocca Pietore, as if to breath in the compelling aromas coming from the Pineta Pastry Hotel.

In return, the Marmolada offers a number of options for outdoor exercise and enriching experiences.

To facilitate your discovery tours, we will be handing you the Marmolada Card, a summer card granting acces to all the main attractions in the area either free of charge or at reduced prices!

From Nature’s magic hat

At the Pineta Pastry Hotel, you only need to look out of the window to admire nature’s glorious beauty, and as soon as you step out of the door you find yourself in a magical world made of craggy peaks, thick forests, and crystal-clear waters. One of the area’s most coveted attractions is just around the corner! We are talking about the Serrai di Sottoguda: a narrow ravine winding its way for 2 km through towering cliffs eroded by the brook Pettorina. The Marmolada glacier – the largest in the Dolomites − is also a few minutes’ drive from our hotel. From the Fedaia lake to the Alp’s most scenic ski piste and the precious historic finds preserved in its eternal ice, the Marmolada glacier knows more than one way to entrance skiers, nature lovers and history fans.

At your fingertips − history, culture & sports

From the climatic and geomorphological evolutions of the area to the wars that dipped it in blood, the Marmolada has thousands years of stories to tell.

One of its most powerful voices is the Museo Marmolada Grande Guerra (Marmolada Great War Museum), built in 1990 to exhibit what remains of the Dolomites front and the findings from the “ice city”, as the tunnel network digged by the Austrian soldiers was nicknamed. The same theme is explored in the zona monumentale di Serauta and in the Carlo Delcroix multimedia centre, both open in the summer.

The Vittorino Cazzetta museum is also worth a visit, and not just because it is only 15 minutes away from our hotel. Divided into three theme sections – the geological, the archaeological and the historical section – it provides an enlightening insight into the ancient and not-so-ancient history of our land.

We also recommend the Fursil mines, a guided historical and cultural tour you can reach in 15 minutes, and the Andraz castle, an historic manor nestled in a particularly suggestive landscape.

If you are champing at the bit to do some exercise in the great outdoors, you have your pick: the Marmolada lift is at a stone’s throw and the shuttle bus stop is right opposite our door. Our hotel is strategically located to reach comfortably the Marmolada Ski Area in winter and a variety of hiking trails in the summer, including the many mountain huts where you can drop by for a tasty snack along the way.

Popular outdoor family attractions are also close at hand, such as the San Tomaso zip line and the Civetta Adventure Park.

The Marmolada Card – free for you at the Pineta Pastry Hotel!

The Marmolada Card is your master key to the must-see attractions in the Dolomites. When you check in at the Pineta Pastry Hotel, you can ask for a free of charge Marmolada Card so you can start exploring the environs straight away!

The Marmolada Card is valid for summer season.