The best of pastry shop craftsmanship of the Dolomites and beyond

Pasticceria Nesello: sweetness is a family vice!

What is artisan pastry ? Ask a master pastry chef: he will tell you that artisanal pastry is not an act of production, but of creation . While industrial confectionery does nothing but mass-produce sweets, artisanal confectionery is an art form and as such comes from a passion that is expressed in the creation of something unique.

If you want to taste something truly unique , come and visit us at Pasticceria Nesello : you can let yourself be tempted by a variety of irresistible confectionery creations. The choice ranges from traditional regional sweets to those of the classic Italian artisan pastry , with some homage to the most famous international delicacies.

Just leave your car in our large parking lot , admire the panorama of the Belluno Dolomites for a moment and enter …

A world of delights, from all over the world

While the perfume already tickles the nose, the eyes glue on the window: inviting rows of cakes , pastries , biscuits and ice creams compete for attention.

What to choose?

If you want to taste the typical sweets of artisanal pastry of the Dolomites , the possibilities range from apple or berry strudel passing through i krapfen , bull’s eyes (also known as “spitzbuben”) and traditional Val Pettorina petals , also perfect to accompany a good coffee or a cup of tea.

Of course, there is no shortage of great classics of the Italian and international confectionery tradition: cannoli , cream puffs, pies, apple , berry and chocolate cake, Black Forest cake, meringue, fruit tartlets, panna cotta, tiramisu, ice cream and more. .

Then there are the house specialties and the most famous desserts interpreted according to the personal recipe of our pastry chef Christopher : the Sacher , the house cheesecake , the Bavarian lemon and the almond cake are… simply to taste, let’s say nothing else!

At Pasticceria Nesello you can also buy homemade biscuits and jams to take away, to prolong the pleasure of the visit or to console those who have not been able to come with you.

Quality for all tastes

That for the pastry art is a hereditary passion , a vocation that in our family is handed down from father to son.

This is why we only offer excellent artisan pastry creations. We personally take care of the selection of ingredients, which must be absolutely fresh and of the highest quality . Our desserts do not contain liquor or alcohol, so they are also perfect for making children happy.

If you want a particular dessert, contact us: we also prepare our artisan pastry specialties to order.

You can choose whether to enjoy our delicacies here, perhaps by serving yourself from the hotel’s breakfast buffet (from 8 to 9.30) or at home: we also offer a takeaway pastry service.

The Nesello pastry shop awaits you at the Pineta Pastry Hotel near Malga Ciapela, every day from morning to evening all day long!

A ‘ pistol lasciala. Pigliami i cannoli.
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