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Relax in the Dolomites

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An artisanal pastry

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Pineta Pastry Hotel: Marmolada, jam and lots of relaxation

The Dolomites' best kept secret

Welcome to Pineta, the first pastry hotel on the Marmolada in Val Pettorina!

Find out now if our 4-star hotel is the right hotel for you:

  • Do you love the mountains and the contact with nature?
  • Are you looking for a quiet place to regenerate yourself but would you also like a hotel near the Marmolada and the major attractions of the Belluno Dolomites?
  • Do you appreciate the pleasures of good food and can you indulge in some sweet temptation ?
  • Do you want 4-star environments and services but don’t mind a relaxed and familiar atmosphere?

If you answered “yes” to one or more questions, we invite you to join us in Rocca Pietore!

At the Pineta Pastry Hotel you will get to know the Marmolada and the Belluno Dolomites in their most regenerating, authentic and… greedy side!

Our specialty: SWEETS

Wellness & Spa El Tabie '

Various saunas, whirlpool, salt room, etc ...

Wellness, nature, and gluttony

Surrounded by greenery and embraced by the Dolomites in Val Pettorina, our pastry hotel is an oasis of tranquility dedicated to connoisseurs .

Why choose our hotel? The Marmolada , with its exciting natural scenery, would already be a good reason to come and visit us on its own: the pleasant refreshment in summer , the fairytale charm of snow in winter… but there’s more.

The Pineta Pastry Hotel offers you:

  • An idyllic but at the same time strategic position in Val Pettorina : from here you can reach the Marmolada cable car and the Serrai di Sottoguda in a few minutes and Venice is only two hours by car!
  • The Sweet Half Board with tasty traditional dishes and delicious pastry creations always fresh of own production
  • The Wellness spa El Tabie ‘ : a well-kept and cozy structure for uncompromising relaxation
  • A 4-star service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere

The list goes on, but to find out what makes our hotel in the Dolomites unique, you have to enter and experience it.

Our home, your hotel: the Marmolada with friends

Despite being a 4-star hotel near the Marmolada, one of the most “in” destinations in the Dolomites, ours is a family- run hotel with an equally familiar atmosphere.

Our goal is to offer you a relaxed and authentic environment where you can feel at home and unplug: the tie and formalities can stay in the office!

Our services

Our Rooms and Junior Suites

Various types, from the simplest Economy rooms, to the La Torre and La Rocca Junior Suites

We were looking for a hotel on the Marmolada, and ...

As the saying goes: “Whoever praises himself imbroda”; therefore to describe the atmosphere that distinguishes our hotel we will limit ourselves to mentioning what they say about us.

Here are the opinions of some guests who wanted to share their experience with a review on TripAdvisor :

The welcome was excellent ”, “ It’s like being at home! “,” I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome, the familiar atmosphere and the perceived well-being “.

In the various areas of the hotel you will notice the nice gifts with which our guests have shown us their appreciation and affection for years. In fact, our guests quickly become our friends , which we are proud of and very grateful for!


Our main dish

As the only pastry hotel in the Marmolada and all the Dolomites, the Pineta has one mission: to make your holiday in the mountains an absolutely delightful experience.

This is where Christopher’s culinary genius comes into play: strong in the family tradition, our pastry chef has made us known beyond the borders in Val Pettorina thanks to his pastry art of excellent quality.

Quality that, as a guest of our hotel, you can see for yourself every day thanks to the Sweet Half Board . It starts in the morning with a rich breakfast and in the evening, after an excellent dinner, it ends in style with what is literally our main dish: the buffet of homemade desserts .

Gourmets who do not stay overnight at the Pineta Pastry Hotel but are in the Marmolada – Val Pettorina area can still take advantage of Christopher’s creations: the Nesello pastry shop , annexed to the hotel, is also open to the public every day all day!

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