Pineta Pastry Hotel: 4-star indulgence in Italy

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The Dolomites’ best kept secret

Welcome to the Pineta Pastry Hotel, the Dolomites’ first hotel dedicated to true gourmets!

Find out if the Pineta Pastry Hotel is the right holiday home for you:

  • Do you like being in close contact with nature and surrounded by mountain landscapes?
  • Would you like to find a secluded spot to unwind properly, but still be in close proximity to the Marmolada and the main attractions of the Dolomites?
  • Are you partial to fine dining and/or have a sweet tooth?
  • Does the idea of 4-star services paired with a laid-back, homely atmosphere appeal to you?

If you answered “YES!” to one or more of the questions above, we will be delighted to welcome you at the Pineta Pastry Hotel in Rocca Pietore, a refuge of indulgence in the very heart of the Dolomites!

Sweet tooth, sweet life! Pleasures for the eyes, the palate, the soul

Tucked away in the green forests of the Dolomites, our pastry hotel is a place where connoisseurs can enjoy an all-round pampering holiday experience.

Refreshingly cool summers, fairy-tale winter landscapes … the Marmolada alone, with its jaw-dropping scenery, would be reason enough to pack a suitcase and visit us. Check in though, and you will soon find that the pleasures of a holiday at the Pineta Pastry Hotel extend well beyond the natural beauties of the surroundings.

A holiday at the Pineta Pastry Hotel comes with:

  • An idyllic, yet strategic location: the Marmolada lift facilities and the Serrai di Sottoguda are at a stone’s throw, and Venice is just a two-hour drive away!
  • The Sweet Half Board with scrumptious traditional dishes and toothsome, fresh homemade pastries
  • “El Tabie’”: an exclusive spa area designed with extreme attention to detail for uncompromising relaxation
  • 4-star services in a relaxed, cosy ambience

This is just a foretaste, of course. The list could go on, but we had rather let you discover the rest at first hand – why be content with a spoiler, if you can experience an extraordinary holiday in the Dolomites?

Our home, your hotel: in the Dolomites at friends’

One of the things that sets us apart is that, despite being a 4-star hotel at the foot of the Marmolada – one of the top resorts in the Dolomites, the Pineta Pastry Hotel is a family-run hotel offering a family-like ambience.

What we strive to provide is an informal, authentic environment for you to feel at ease and unwind – stress and Double-Windsor knots can wait in the office!

“We were looking for a hotel in the Dolomites and…”

Don’t talk about yourself; it will be done when you leave”, Wilson Mizner said. In our case, guests talk about us when they leave … and instead of writing about the quality our service, we’d rather let our guests tell you about their experience.

Here are a few TripAdvisor reviews that made us blush:

The most poignant thing and what sets it aside from anywhere else we have stayed is how very friendly the family was “, “Right from the off you are made to feel like part of the family, honestly and truly nothing is too much trouble”.

Sprinkled all over the hotel, you will see a variety of lovely gifts from our regular customers – in fact, many guests soon become our friends, something we are extremely proud of and grateful for!

The juicy part

We conceived the first and only pastry hotel in the Dolomites with a special mission in mind; we want to turn your mountain break into the most palatable holiday experience. Ever.

And with our Christopher’s culinary skills, it’s easier done than said! Following in his father’s footsteps, our pastry chef never fails to conquer the heart and the palate of our gourmet guests from all over the world.

However, you do not need to be our guest to sample Christopher’s pastries – if you find yourself in our area, feel free to drop by at our pastry shop, the Nesello patisserie! It’s right next to the Pineta Pastry Hotel, and open every day, all day!