Behind the scenes of the Pineta Pastry Hotel: the Nesello family

Half a century of family management

Modern, but with a long tradition: the Pineta Pastry Hotel , recently renovated and equipped with all modern comforts, looks back on over 40 years of tradition. That’s who your “hosts” are …

The faces of Pineta Pastry Hotel: the Nesellos

Pellegrino is the founder of the Pineta Pastry Hotel. In addition to his vocation as a chef and pastry chef, he also nurtures a strong passion for wooden crafts and local antiques.

Amalia takes care of all the administrative aspects of the hotel, with an experience of over 40 years.

Christopher , a little shy and sometimes gruff, expresses his “sweet” and creative vein behind the doors of the kitchen, signing the small artisan pastry masterpieces that make the Pineta Pastry Hotel a destination appreciated both by tourists and gourmets from the Agordino area and beyond. When he is not busy kneading, he can be seen along the river as he devotes himself to his second great passion: fishing.

Matteo is the frontman of the Pineta Pastry Hotel; in addition to taking care of the reception, he takes care of all the marketing activities, also putting his passion for photography to good use: the photos and videos with which we whet your desire for holidays are his work!

The history of the Pineta Pastry Hotel

It all began in 1973 , when Nello and Alvira Nesello , together with their children Pellegrino and Nadia, opened the Pensione Pineta, a small structure with six rooms and a restaurant-bar. In 1978 Pellegrino, who in the meantime had started his career as a chef, married Amalia . The first extension works were carried out between 1979 and 1982.

Christopher was born in 1984, who showed a natural inclination for pastry since he was a child. It won’t take long before Christopher follows in Pellegrino’s footsteps, who in 1987 gave shape to his passion by founding the first pastry shop in Val Pettorina: the Café Pineta in Malga Ciapela, at the Marmolada cable car.

1989 brings great news to the Nesello family: with the birth of Matteo the family expands and the pension grows, becoming the first structure in the Agordino to offer a wellness center with sauna, solarium and whirlpool.

Despite the success, in 1997 the Nesello family decided to conclude the experience of the Café Pineta to be able to devote themselves to the new expansion works, which marked the moment of passage of the Pineta from a guest house to a hotel . Where previously there was a boulder of the same size as the hotel itself, the rear building is now inaugurated, connected to the original structure by a panoramic tunnel.

Two years later the “El Tabie ‘” wellness center also arrives, which over the years has undergone constant modernization and expansion.

The last major renovation in 2004 was completed in record time : only 92 days of work to renovate the entire building both inside and out. Wood is preferred in the choice of materials, with a view to environmental sustainability and energy saving.

Following his father’s example, in 2009 Christopher became the pastry chef of the Hotel Pineta.

With the construction of a new pellet boiler and the consequent achievement of the energy class “A” in 2014, the strong link of the Hotel Pineta with the surrounding environment is confirmed.

In 2016 the Nesello family decided to put the spotlight on what makes their hotel in the heart of the Dolomites so unique , giving more space to the pastry passion of Pellegrino and Christopher: the Hotel Pineta thus becomes the Pineta Pastry Hotel !