El Tabie’ for exclusive spa experiences in the Dolomites

The Finnish Sauna has temperatures ranging from around 80-90°C with a very low percentage of humidity. It has significant relaxing and detoxifying properties that benefit the mind and body. It also strengthens the immune system and enhances the cardiovascular system, thereby decreasing stress levels.

Mastel de èiva ingiazèda

Mastel de èiva ingiazèda is a barrel filled with cold water to stimulate and awaken all muscles and boost circulation. It is used after the sauna instead of the classic cold shower.

Nel Bagno Turco, in opposto alla sauna finlandese, si ha una temperatura di circa 40-50°C con percentuale di umidità elevata (attorno al 90%). Si favorisce la respirazione e la pulizia dell’epidermide. Non dimenticate di completare il tutto con un bel massaggio…

The Turkish Bath, opposite the Finnish sauna, has temperature of around 40-50°C with a high percentage of humidity (around 90%). It promotes breathing and cleanses the skin. Don’t forget to top it off with a nice massage…

Hydro-massage (Jacuzzi) with colour therapy benefits the entire body by releasing stress and relaxing the muscles after a hard day, retuning your mental and physical balance. It also increases blood pressure and boosts circulation.

The Infrared Sauna (physiotherm) is effective for the well-being of the mind and body as it is the only one which is able to eliminate 15-20% of toxins, acid, sodium, etc. Additionally, the beneficial action of the infrared heaters promotes the flow of the lymphatic system, relieves rheumatic pain, reduces inflammation, cleanses the skin and fights cellulite.

The Salt Room is a unique, entirely natural oasis where you inhale sodium chloride, benefiting your respiratory system and therefore the entire body. It is ideal for all those who feel the need to breathe better: the salt is actually able to break down the toxins present within the respiratory system, while purifying and providing a pleasant feeling of well-being.

A variety of massages will pamper you during your holiday.

Ergoline Facial Tanner, to always keep your face tanned or to prepare yourself for the mountain sun…. as burning yourself in the mountain sun happens faster than it might seem.

Relaxation Area: after every type of sauna or hydro-massage, you always need a little rest, which is vital to let the body and mind recover.

The well-being experience needs many liquids, the infusion tea area is essential to complete your stay at our centre.

Drinking fountain with fresh water from Marmolada. The purity and freshness of the water from the Marmolada glacier of the Dolomites is an essential part of our wellness centre.

Bench with cushions made of hay… The beauty of this is that you will be sitting inside an old cow trough.

The Gym with treadmills, weight bench and other equipment will allow you to stay in shape, giving your body a healthy work out.

Access reserved to connoisseurs only

When you think of a spa centre in the Dolomites you probably imagine a secluded area, dimly lit and quiet, its air filled with a delicate pinewood fragrance. Which, by the way, is exactly how a spa in the Dolomites is supposed to be. More often than not though, even the best-intentioned hotel spa ends up becoming an overcrowded place with children merrily romping around and hardly any chance for proper relaxation.

El Tabie’ is different. What we wanted to create was a spa centre to match the Dolomites’ true essence: a cosy atmosphere for a simple yet exclusive spa, studded with small details that make a difference − in other words, a connoisseur’s wellness experience.

For this reason, access to the El Tabie’ spa centre is reserved to guests over 14 of age.

Despite the recent expansion works, we managed to preserve our spa’ soothing, relax-inducing atmosphere; you will feel it as soon as you enter!

Put on the bathrobe and slippers and get ready to immerse yourself in a realm of natural wellbeing!


The Dolomites’ way to wellness

Wood and stone: we chose these two natural materials to confer our spa that special mountain feel and let you experience the contact with nature under our roof as well as outdoors.

What will you start with?

The Finnish sauna is practically a must. With a temperature range of 80 to 90°C and a very low humidity level, the traditional Finnish sauna detoxifies the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and stimulates the immune system.

The Turkish bath is characterised by lower temperatures ranging from 40 to 50°C, and ca. 90% humidity. It cleanses the skin and soothes the respiratory tract; in addition, the alternation of heat and cold stimuli has beneficial effects on the the cardiovascular- and immune systems.

The Physioterm infrared cabin is especially recommended for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects as well as its contribution to lymphatic drainage. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that most of the radiated heat is directed to the body, providing relief to ailments such as rheumatism, cellulite and other inflammatory conditions.

Our after-sauna tip: dip into the mastel de èiva ingiazèda! This wood barrel filled with cold water is perfect to cool off after a sauna session and stimulate blood circulation.

Take a few minutes to rest on the comfortable loungers provided in the relax area before starting the next session. We also recommend a visit to the exclusive salt room – its salt bricks have beneficial, purifying effects on the respiratory tract.

To round out the wellness experience, why not enjoy a bath in the whirlpool or choose from the wide array of massages?

If you wish to burn some extra calories but the weather does not incourage outdoor exercise, no problem: our small but well-equipped fitness room is there for you!


The El Tabie’ spa amenities include:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • Physioterm infrared cabin
  • Mastel de èiva ingiazèda (plunge barrel)
  • Whirlpool with chromotherapy
  • Salt room
  • Relax area
  • Bench with hay-filled cushions in an ancient manger
  • Tea corner
  • Fountain with fresh Marmolada water
  • Soft bathrobes and slippers
  • Fitness room
  • Massages
  • Ergoline facial tanner

The spa services and massages are not included in the room rate. This allows us to offer you a double quality guarantee: on the one hand by preserving the exclusive, cosy atmposphere of the spa centre, on the other hand by granting you the possibility to only pay for the services you wish to avail yourself of.


The El Tabie’ spa & wellness centre is open daily from 3:45 to 7:00 p.m.

Access is reserved to guests over 14 of age.