Sweet, sweet Dolomites!

The Nesello patisserie – quality runs in the family!

Quite unlike its industrial counterpart, artisanal pastry is an act of creation. As an art form born of passion, craft pastry results in the creation of something unique.

Would you like to taste something really unique? Visit us at the Nesello patisserie and give in to the compelling call of our creations!

The choice is huge, ranging from the regional confectionery to the most celebrated recipes of the Italian traditional patisserie and the best from the international dessert menu.

Leave your car in our large parking area, take in the view of the Dolomites, and step in…

World-class delicacies, from all over the world

Mouth-watering smells fill the air. Enticing shapes and colours beckon from behind the glass. A feast of all things creamy, crunchy, fruity, crumbly and crispy – all competing for your attention.

What to choose?

The traditional patisserie of the Dolomites offers apple- or berry strudel, krapfen, Tyrolean spitzbuben biscuits, and the “petali della Val Pettorina”, delicious almond biscuits that make a perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea or coffee.

The great classics of the Italian and international patisserie are well represented, too: Cannoli, cream puffs, tarts, apple pies, chocolate cakes, Black Forest gateau, meringue, fruit cakes, panna cotta, tiramisu, ice cream, and more.

But you cannot leave until you have sampled the Pineta house specialties or the most famous desserts reinterpreted by our pastry chef Christopher: Our Sacher, the house cheesecake, the lemon bavarois and the almond cake are something you do not want to miss, take our word for it!


At our patisserie you can also purchase traditional biscuits and homemade jams to bring home as a sweet souvenir for yourself or to console those who could not come with you.


Quality to please every palate

The calling to patisserie excellence is a hereditary feature of us Nesellos. This is why personally take care of the selection of our ingredients. Only the freshest, best-quality produce makes it to our kitchen.

All our pastries are alcool-free, a real treat you can share with your children!

If you wish to taste a specific dessert, let us know: we will be delighted to prepare  our pastry specialties to order.

You can choose to indulge here with us, for example helping yourself from the hotel’ breakfast buffet (8:00 to 9:30 a.m.) or in the comfort of your home with our pastry takeaway service.

 The Nesello patisserie is open all day, every day – come live the Dolomiti-style Dolce Vita!


Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

The Godfather