Front stage and backstage: the Nesello family

A family-run hotel for over 40 years


Modernity and long-standing tradition rolled into one: do not be fooled by the freshly refurbished building and all the mod cons – the Pineta Pastry Hotel goes back over 40 years. Allow us to introduce ourselves!


The Nesellos

Pellegrino is the founder of the Pineta Pastry Hotel. Cuisine and pastry are his greatest passion, but he is also interested in wood craftsmanship and antiques.

Amalia takes care of the administrative management of the hotel, on the strength of her 40-year experience.

Christopher might come across as a bit grumpy, but behind the kitchen doors he reveals his sweet side creating the little masterpieces of fine patisserie that earned the Pineta Pastry Hotel its fame among gourmets from the environs and beyond. When he is not baking up some new delicacy, you can find him on the riverbank indulging his other passion: fishing.

Matteo is our frontman; he takes care of all reception- and marketing activities, and puts his passion for photography to good use – the enticing pictures and videos on this website are his work!

La Famiglia Nesello

The history of the Pineta Pastry Hotel

It all began in 1973, when Nello and Alvira Nesello, together with their children Pellegrino and Nadia, inaugurated the Pineta, a small boarding house consisting of six rooms and a bar-restaurant. In 1978 Pellegrino – who had started his career as a chef – married Amalia. The first expansion works took place between 1979 and 1982.

Christopher was born in 1984; even as a child he showed a natural inclination towards pastry, which later drove him to walk in his father footsteps. Back to Pellegrino: in 1987, he finally decided to follow his passion for pastry, founding the first patisserie in the Pettorina valley: the Café Pineta in Malga Ciapela, by the Marmolada lift.

1989 brought big news for the Nesellos: Matteo was born and it is not just the family that grew – the Pineta expanded too, becoming the first building in the area to offer a spa centre with sauna, solarium and whirlpool.

Despite its success, the Café Pineta closed in 1997 to allow the Nesellos to focus on the new expansion works that turned the Pineta into a proper hotel. A boulder as large as the hotel itself was removed to make room for the back section, linked to the main building by means of a panoramic tunnel.

Two years later the wellness & spa centre “El Tabie’”[LINK El Tabie’] was built, which underwent several refurbishing and enlargement works over the years.

The lastest renovation works in 2004 were completed in record time: it only took 92 days to renew the entire building, both inside and outside. Natural materials such as wood were used, with a view to environmental sustainability and energy conservation.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Christopher became the pastry chef of the Hotel Pineta in 2009.

In 2014, the hotel was equipped with a new pellet boiler, thus obtaining the energy label A and confirming the Pineta’s genuine environmental engagement.

In 2016 the Nesellos decide to focus on what makes their hotel in the Dolomites truly unique; Pellegrino and Christopher are given free rein to develop their passion, and what started as a humble boarding house becomes the Pineta Pastry Hotel!